- Vincenzo Maltempo
  One of the most interesting pianists of his generation
 La Stampa
Exhilarating, a real revelation.
The Guardian

Everything seems to come easily for Vincenzo Maltempo, with a "transcendental" virtuosity that does not neglect even a single note. A prodigy to keep in mind.  

 Gabriele Balloi



Elegant phrasing, never ostentatious virtuosity, mastery of form and musical sense: jot this name gentlemen, a Pianist is born!

 Marcello Filotei



He has a loving attitude for the composers and for the music, a warm touch, phrasing free enough to speak musically face to face with the public, and almost a little old-fashioned, but without emphasis and at ease as much as in Chopin in the Impressionists. To be adopted immediately.

Lorenzo Arruga



Vincenzo Maltempo is an acute interpreter able to read the pages of the great piano repertoire on the basis of the most indipendent interpretation. 



Vincenzo Maltempo has a superb lightness of touch to which is added a very lyrical temperament; he practices the art of transcription as well, and this can be understood from his colorful and orchestral sounds.

Le Pianiste-Magazine




Imola Piano Academy