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One of the most interesting pianists of his generation

The Guardian

Exhilarating, a real revelation.

Alexander Lonquich

Vincenzo Maltempo is a pianist/musician out of the ordinary. He is able to use his natural virtuosity (so lucidly "expressionist ), that he improved attending the works of Liszt, for the discovery of a hidden Nineteenth century, helped by a surprising ease and quickness in learning. He is also one of the very few that can do justice to the music of Alkan, who seems to have no secrets for him so convincing is his reading - capturing both the unsettling "diabolic" dryness than the hidden delights of this author certainly eccentric. Maltempo generally tends to explore the extreme sides of a style. So I'm not surprised that his latest CD dedicated to Schumann hit in the center. Rarely if ever I heard such a Humoreske so compelling and multifaceted at the same time. I hope to be able to hear from him too much music of other 'major' composers. And a last important thing: you still have the feeling that for him the instrument is a means and not an end for itself. No wonder certainly his dedication to the work of the transcriber of major orchestral scores, such as Ravel's Daphnis creating the not negligible conditions to be able to renew the worn formulas of the recital concert.

Pianiste (magazine)

Vincenzo Maltempo has a superb lightness of touch to which is added a very lyrical temperament; he practices the art of transcription as well, and this can be understood from his colorful and orchestral sounds.

Rafael Sala

/ Pianonews

A wonderful technique, sounds like carved in marble, a courageous and strong execution

Carlo Grante

Vincenzo Maltempo is a young, most promising and impressive contemporary virtuoso of exceptional skills, a perfect example of Spielfreud at the piano, that makes the music he chooses to play - and "play with" - convincing and interesting for the sense of authentic freshness it conveys to the listener. The ease and effectiveness with which works of notorious virtuosic challenge are mastered and the wide-ranging outlook of his artistic personality give us very optimistic expectations for his international career as a soloist.

Francesco Libetta

Fire and command, inquiring mind and professional attitude. A glorious example of Mediterranean pianist.

Gabriele Balloi

/ ("La nuova Sardegna")

Everything seems to come easily for Vincenzo Maltempo, with a "transcendental" virtuosity that does not neglect even a single note. A prodigy to keep in mind.

Marcello Filotei

/ L'Osservatore Romano

Elegant phrasing, never ostentatious virtuosity, mastery of form and musical sense: jot this name gentlemen, a Pianist is born!

Lorenzo Arruga

/ Il Giornale

He has a loving attitude for the composers and for the music, a warm touch, phrasing free enough to speak musically face to face with the public, and almost a little old-fashioned, but without emphasis and at ease as much as in Chopin in the Impressionists. To be adopted immediately.

La Repubblica

Vincenzo Maltempo is an acute interpreter able to read the pages of the great piano repertoire on the basis of the most indipendent interpretation.

Bio & Curriculum

“Exhilarating, a real revelation” A. Clements, The Guardian

VVincenzo Maltempo, a pianist whose infallible technique is matched by a refined and intelligent musicality, is gaining a fast-growing reputation in today’s musical world, thanks to his numerous recordings and public performances, always enthusiastically received by both audiences and critics. Maltempo is a multifaceted artist with a multitude of cultural interests, attracted by a wide range of musical styles – from Renaissance music to jazz improvisation – and follows less beaten musical paths, always committed to featuring unfamiliar piano repertoire.

His numerous recording for labels such as Gramola, Piano Classics, Brilliant, Toccata Classics receives praise from the most prestigious international ​press.

His record​ing​s dedicated to Ch. V. Alkan are reviewed enthusiastically on Gramphone, Diapason, The Guardian​; due to​ his​ valiant contribution ​to Alkan cause, both in recordings and in concerts, ​​​earned him in​ 2014​ the ​nomination ​as Honorary Member of th​​e ​London ​Alkan Societ​y​.

He has played for the most prestigious​ ​Italian ​music ​associations and ​he ​has performed throughout Europe, Asia and the United States of America. ​He’s also ​the author of important piano transcriptions of orchestral works by Ravel and Hans Rott published for the Ries & Erler Berlin.
Vincenzo ​Maltempo​ lives in Benevento, Italy, and he teaches at the Conservatory of music “Gesualdo da Venosa”, in Potenza.

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