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Vincenzo Maltempo

Born in 1985, Italian pianist and virtuoso Vincenzo Maltempo has already won numerous international piano competitions, among them first prize at the Premio Venezia. As part of his comprehensive repertoire, he is especially fascinated by the piano transcriptions of Franz Liszt and their spiritual and philosophical elements, as well as from the breadth and depth of his orchestral piano works. This CD thus contains Les Jeux d’Eaux à la Villa d’Este, Reminiscence de Norma (after Bellini), Polonaise mélancolique, Soirée de Vienne Nr. 6 (after Schubert), Tarantelle di bravura on La Muette von Portici (after Auber), Totentanz – paraphrase on the “Dies irae,” the Paganini Etude No. 2 and Isolde’s Liebestod – the finale scene from Wagner’s Tristan and Isolde.​


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Robert Nemecek

/ Piano News

Today, where everyone is trying to rid Liszt from the stigma of only "virtuosity", it may seem almost a provocation that a pianist just put the "paraphrase" at the heart of his Liszt program. But Vincenzo Maltempo [...] does not seem to share this view. He, on the contrary, shows respect and admiration for these works, restoring their dignity music. We did not hear an interpretation of "Réminescences de Norma" with so perfect phrasing and with such a sensual "bel canto" for a long time. Even the "Tarantella di bravura from Auber" does not seem just a mere circus number. Of course, it "roars and thunders" in Maltempo's interpretation, thanks to his extraordinary piano technique and his "characteristic" Bosendorfer. But unlike other interpretations this theatrical effects is immersed in a thoughtful drama that the Italian interpreter materializes with an unerring instinct for balance and beauty of sound.


[...] What is most striking in this CD with works and paraphrases by Liszt is the confidence with which the Italian pianist Vincenzo Maltempo, born in 1985, approaches famous works highlighting foreground the musicality. Convincing and intelligent the selection of the program that combines with clever well known tracks to other less famous. The brilliant and impeccable interpretation demonstrate the virtuosity of Maltempo, who is - as mentioned - primarily interested to the substance of the music.

Giorgio Pestelli

/ Classic Voice

[...] A pianist of unfailing technical constitution, certified by the same fanciful choices... The interpreter rather than get into the heart of the poetic of Liszt prefers to observe it from a distance working with chisel and operating with the sharpest instruments.


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