Robert Nemecek, Piano News

Alkan: Concerto for solo Piano, Piano Classics 2014

Since his debut two years ago with a monographic album devoted to Alkan for the label Piano Classic, the Italian pianist Vincenzo Maltempo is considered one of the greatest contemporary interpreters of this composer. And now with his third CD dedicated to Alkan fully confirms his reputation. With the ”Concerto for solo piano” Maltempo proposes one of the most amazing works of the entire piano literature, and it must be said that since the epic 1973 recording of John Hogdon, no other pianist as Maltempo has managed to dominate in a so well thought-out and orchestral way, its enormous difficulties. So much so that the first half hour of the first movement in any case is too long. In the three other Etudes Op. 39 Maltempo puts his phenomenal technique at the service of his poetic vision in a suggestive manner.

Robert Nemecek